Jellyfish Reports on Seo In Guk’s Exam After Leaving Military

David Song, April 12, 2017, 9:25 a.m.

After Seo In Guk’s abrupt departure from the military, the star is now waiting to take his re-examination. Jellyfish Entertainment spoke to News1 on April 11th saying, ‘We have not received the initial date of the re-exam by the MMA. It seems it will take up to a month at the latest. Seo In Guk is currently waiting while being treated.’


The agency then said, ‘Seo In Guk is very determined to be in active service. We will see how things unfold while waiting for the re-examination.’ Seo In Guk made his return from the military only four days after having entered active service on March 31st, suffering from an osteochondral lesion.

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