Jennie comes under fire for 'lazy' performances

BanSeok Shin, Nov. 26, 2018, 2:31 p.m.

Fans are unhappy about Jennie's performances during BLACKPINK concerts this year.

Fans have pointed out her poor performances during the group's more recent concerts stating that she was "lazy" and "not trying hard". A fan even went as far as to make a video that compares, side by side, performances from 2016 (the year they debuted) to those this year. In the 9 minute long video it is painfully obvious that her performances from this year are lacking energy and that even Jennie's facial expressions could use some improvement (especially when compared to the group's debut). It is not yet know whether her lackluster performances have come as a result of physical or mental fatigue, are truly just laziness, or because of some other unknow reason. Jennie did just release her first solo single titled 'SOLO' earlier this month, but again, it is unknown if that had any impact on her performances this year. Fans are waiting for an explaination for this behavior and until, but until that explanation is received, this is not a good look for Jennie.

If you want to watch the fan comparsion of Jennie's performances you can view the video below. And don't forget to keep an eye out on our website and social media for updates on Jennie and BLACKPINK, as well as any response from YG Entertainment on these performances.

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