Jenyer (Jiyoon) shares why she left Cube Entertainment and the decision behind 4minute's disbandment

Cari Pak, Sept. 12, 2017, 3:36 p.m.

Jiyoon, former member of 4minute, opened up about her previous label and group. Jiyoon who now goes by the moniker, Jenyer, recently sat down for an interview with TV Report in anticipation of her solo return. During the interview, she talked about 4minute and revealed, “A part of me wanted to continue 4minute but the members had different paths they wanted to take. It was all different; one member wanted to pursue acting, one wanted to sing, and another wanted to do different music than being an idol.”

She continued, “There's one thing that I regret the most. It happened several times overseas but we've never had solo concerts in Korea. It was 4minute's #1 wish to have a solo concert... If I had to choose one thing I regret the most about 4minute's disbandment then it would be not having a concert. It remains a big pain for us.”

Jenyer also revealed her thoughts about leaving Cube Entertainment. She explained her reasoning behind leaving the agency stating, “If I remained at Cube, then I would've had to follow the set rules. Of course, it's what I should follow but I had a way that I wanted to do things. I wanted to take my way so I parted ways with Cube. But then I also ended up having unpleasing experience with the new agency and came to realized that I'm in the wild.”

Jenyer recently terminated her contract with JS E&M and released a new solo track “Hello” on September 12.

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