Jeon So Mi returns to JYP, talks about ‘Unnis’ Slam Dunk’

Su Jin Jang, Feb. 9, 2017, 10:05 a.m.

Jeon So-mi marked her full return to JYP Entertainment after a year with project girl group I.O.I. In the V broadcast Wednesday, So-mi prepared a cake to celebrate the occasion.“Gong Yoo from ‘Guardian’ won‘t come even if I blow the candle out, but to make it romantic I prepared this,” So-mi said as she lighted the single candle on the cake.

In the recently culminated tvN drama series “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,” main actor Gong Yoo was summoned whether he likes it or not whenever the main actress blew out a flame.So-mi requested her manager Gong Soon join her in making a wish. The two blew out the candle together.

Gong’s wish was for So-mi to continue her appearances on TV broadcasts.

So-mi will feature in the second season of entertainment show “Unnis’ Slam Dunk,” also known as “Sisters’ Slam Dunk,” which premieres on Friday at 11:10 p.m. 

So-mi thanked her fans for congratulating her on her middle school graduation.

“Truth be told, it’s a little embarrassing for me that everywhere I go people congratulate me on finishing middle school because that makes it look like such a significant event. It hasn’t hit me yet that I’m moving up to high school. I feel like there’s a lot to adapt to for the life as a high school student,” she said. In Korea, high school starts at grade 10. 

“I also ‘graduated’ from I.O.I,” So-mi continued, “Many people are asking me where I’m going to go after this.”

“But when I took up I.O.I activities, I did so knowing the end date. We (the 11 members of I.O.I) still closely keep in touch, so there’s nothing we feel bad about.”

“I.O.I will go on forever even if it disbanded on official fronts. Please don’t feel so sad for us,” So-mi told the fans.

The second season of “Unnis’ Slam Dunk” features comedian Kim Sook, actresses Hong Jin-gyung, Gang Ye-won and Han Chae-young and singers Hong Jin-young, Gong Minzy and Jeon So-mi.

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