Ji Yeon Soo is Modeling Again

James Ryu, April 12, 2017, 2:40 p.m.

Ji Yeon Soo is ready to break into the modeling world after a two-year hiatus. The wife of U-KISS’ Eli debuted her body again on “Mr. House Husband.” This is the first time she has gotten media attention since the birth of her newborn.

She admitted that she was “contacted by the Seoul motor show,” and questioned Eli, “Do you think it’s good for me to work again?” The model also shared her deepest insecurities. However, she looked radiant and confident in her answers. Her biggest goal is to purchase a house with her husband for their new baby. Ji Yeon Soo is officially back.

At the Seoul motor show, Soo flaunted and taunted her modeling skills. Eli was thoroughly impressed by his wife’s professional mannerisms, and he commended her for getting back into the modeling field. “I am so proud of her,” Eli commented. 

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