Jin Se Yeon Addresses Rumors on Radio Star

kpopluv, April 30, 2015, 12:08 p.m.

Actress Jin Se Yeon recently made an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star where she addressed rumors about her chaebol family.  Kim Gu Ra said her, "Honestly, you're not a knockout beauty depending on the point of view," trying to bring up the rumor, but as he was beating around the bush too much,Yoon Jong Shin outright asked if she got to play a leading role at the same time she debuted thanks to having a good background.  It is usually hard for an actor or actress to play a big role so early.  


She replied, "That's not it at all," admitting she had been quite surprised by the rumors herself.  She explained that she got to play the lead more quickly than others, but she had still done secondary roles, acted out the younger versions, and been in movies--it just had happened sooner for her than normal.  She said, "My family is ordinary.  My father has a business."


The MCs later brought up that her father's business was in the IT industry, looking confused and trying to figure out how an IT business could be 'ordinary' and fishing their way to get the details while teasing a flustered Jin Se Yeon.

Jin Se Yeon is a South Korean actress. She played the female protagonist in the television dramas Bridal Mask (2012) and Doctor Stranger (2014).

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