Jinwoon Takes the Gold with Gangnam Lakers in "Idol Star Olympics"

Inquisitive Bro-migo, Feb. 21, 2015, 3:10 p.m.

The basketball tournament for MBC's "Idol Star Olympics" ended on February 20th with Gangnam Lakers coming for the gold! The team which had Jinwoon as the captain and Jackson, Jun Woo Sung, and HISTORY's Na Do Gyun as the members went up against the Mani Keun Jordan Team, which featured Kangin as the captain.

Tao, INFINITE's L and Sungjong, BTOB's Minhyuk and Sungjae, and MYNAME's Insoo as members ultimately earned the silver medal. The Gangnam Lakers team continues to move forward, but the Mani Keun Jordan Team had a chance to achieve a turnaround, and went for it. Mani Keun Jordan Team's Insoo impressed everyone with his skills in the entire tournament, and had an and-1 opportunity with three minutes left on the clock, and shot in the free throw which gave his team a 15 to 14 lead.

The game went back and forth throughout the night as the Mani Keun Jordan Team trailed behind by 18 to 15 with 5.7 seconds on the clock. Insoo had the opportunity to tie the game with three free throws due to the fact that he was fouled at the three point line. Unfortunately, he only made one of the three free throws, and his team suffered from a lane violation for the third free throw which ended up putting Jinwoon at the foul line. Jinwoon missed both free throws but the Gangnam Lakers' Jackson was able to grab the rebound and was immediately fouled. With only 2.4 seconds left on the clock, Jackson got a free throw in, which made the score 19 to 16.

After having rebounded Jackson's second missed free throw attempt, Mani Keun Jordan Team's Minhyuk ended up being fouled with only 0.3 seconds on the clock remaining. He sunk the first free throw and the score was 19 to 17. The only hope remaining was to purposely miss the second free throw and hope to score a tap in goal in order to tie the game. Unfortunately, the second shot was an airball and the Gangnam Lakers ended up winning the game.

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