Jiyeon Speaks About Her Jealousy of the Soyeon/Oh Jong Hyuk Couple and Discusses Hyomin's Solo Debut

Sensitive Artist, May 20, 2014, 10:29 a.m.

T-ara's Jiyeon discussed how nervous she felt for her solo debut!

At the press conference for her solo debut at Core Contents Media's practice room located at Nonhyeondong, Gangnam on May 19th, Jiyeon spoke about her solo debut, saying "I was hesitant about the suggestion of making a solo debut because I thought that I don't have enough skill at first, but through my members and Duble Sidekick's support, I was able to gain courage. But to be honest, I still can't sleep well."

She also lightly touched on Hyomin's solo debut, saying "The style of Hyomin's song is the total opposite of mine. Although I can't share many details, she is practicing hard for it. I think we can be of help to each other, so we mentioned a lot of the things we're lacking to each other."

When she was asked about the Soyeon/Oh Jong Hyuk couple, Jiyeon showed her true feelings on the matter by saying "I'm quite fond and jealous of the Soyeon-Oh Jong Hyuk couple... After finishing our schedule, I see Soyeon talking on the phone with Oh Jong Hyuk and think, 'Ha, I'm jealous.' All of the little things are what I'm jealous of and look fondly at."

She also spoke about the reviews and reception that she is aiming to receive, commenting "I want to be complimented on how hard I practiced and how much effort I put in. I didn't even think about getting #1. I want to receive the compliment, 'You improved a lot from when I see you with T-ara.'"

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