JJCC Releases Music Video Teaser for "One Way"

SWAG-Tastic Voyage, Aug. 19, 2014, 11:35 a.m.

Fans of JJCC (Double JC) will have to wait a total of two days for the official comeback debut that is set for release on August 21st, but in the meantime, they can watch the music video teaser for their title track "One Way" (also called "Bing Bing Bing")!

Their agency had previously stated, "JJCC will be showing an intense choreography with K-Tigers, who are spreading Taekwondo all over the world. Their outfit was also designed byMAG&LOGAN, who designs Kim Yuna's dress for events."

Also, the upcoming dance song is produced by hitmaker Duble Sidekick, which means that we not only can expect some awesome sound, but also some cool choreography to go with it judging by the teaser alone.

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