JnStar Entertainment to Take Counter Legal Action Against The Rose's Claim of Failure of Payments

Jay Yim, Feb. 28, 2020, 10:20 a.m.

The Rose recently filed to nullify their exclusive contracts with JnStar Entertainment, according to media outlet reports on February 28.

In their request, the band claimed that their agency never gave the members proper revenue calculation procedures since signing their contracts. When they signed their contracts, although The Rose was promised monthly renvenue reports, for the past three years, they have not received a single payment. Furthermore, the members had rigorous schedules that the agency demanded from them. The Rose alleged that JnStar made a one-sided decision to launch a 17-city U.S. tour for 2020, without consent from the members.

Inevitably, the group has decided to halt all of their schedules and pursue legal action against JnStar Entertainment.

However, the agency has come forward to refute all of The Rose's claims, stating:

"The Rose's claims that we 'violated terms in the exclusive contract' are entirely false. We have always informed The Rose of all of their promotional schedules such as overseas tours, broadcast activities, etc, well ahead of time, also coming to agreements with the members regarding each activity, not to mention preparation schedules such as practices, makeup, and such. We also provided The Rose with a document detailing all of the expenses and revenues from the band's full promotions since they signed the exclusive contract, and received confirmation that they saw the document."

JnStar Entertainment has made it clear that they intend to take counter legal action against the group including damages for breaches of contract, defamation of character, and more.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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