Jo Hae Jung reveals she’s a huge fan of Highlight’s Doojoon

Michelle Jung, March 27, 2017, 3:50 p.m.

Broadcasted on March 27, tvN’s ‘Empty the Convenience Store’ featured actress Jo Hae Jung as a guest on the broadcast and on the show, she confessed that she was a huge fan of Highlight’s Doojoon.

As soon as it was her turn to introduce herself on the show, the actress confessed, “I am a fan of Doojoon sunbae,” making the idol star’s heart flutter.

MC Lee Soo Geun asked for their ages and Jo Hae Jung commented she was 26 while Doojoon replied that he was 29 which brought the panelists to react with a playful tease. At the panelists’ suggestion, Doojoon even helped the actress put her apron on, stirring up a lovey-dovey atmosphere as Jo Hae Jung couldn’t hide her shy smile. 

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