Jo Kwon Gives Kangnam Some Advice to Handle the Surge and Decline in Popularity

Sensitive Artist, March 28, 2015, 10:47 a.m.

2AM's Jo Kwon also known as the "kkap king" and huge variety-idol, returned to the show that had originally helped him to become as popular as he is now, which is "Quiz to Change the World"! He made an appearance during the filming for the upcoming episode, which will be a "Finding Friends" special.

This was his very first appearance on the show in a while, and he was greeted by the rising variety-idol Kangnam! MC Shin Dong Yup asked Jo Kwon, "As a variety sunbae, do you have any advice for Kangnam on what to be careful about?"

Jo Kwon said to Kangnam, "Popularity isn't forever. Earn a lot while you can." The very frank Kim Gu Ra said, "Kangnam seems to be a little at risk these days, doesn't he? Several programs that Kangnam appeared in have become canceled."

Jo Kwon gave Kangnam good advice saying, "At these times, it's important that you think of a lot of your own ideas and have them prepared for later." Be sure to check out the old video of Jo Kwon showing off his famous "kkap dance" on the old episode of "Quiz to Change the World"!

You can see what else the variety idols have to talk about on "Quiz to Change the World - Finding Friends" edition on March 28th at 11 PM KST!

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