Jo Kwon Reveals ‘Crosswalk’ is Inspired by His Personal Love Life

AJ Lee, Feb. 17, 2016, 4:12 p.m.

Former 2AM leader Jo Kwon recently held a showcase for his upcoming second solo album at the Sogang University’s Mary Hall, where he shared where he got inspiration for his title track ‘Crosswalk’. The singer revealed that the song was inspired by his personal love life!

At the February 15th showcase, Jo Kwon shared, “When I first started in 2AM, I’d never once dated in my life. However, now I can’t say that I’ve never been in a relationship. Though, truth be told, I still haven’t had many experiences dating. You’re supposed to be able to meet this person or that person in your 20s, and it’s a bit of a shame that I wasn’t able to.”

Jo Kwon continued, ““I thought that when you’re in a relationship with someone there’s only happiness. But for me, I had no idea how precious the relationship with the person I loved was, and I was always anxious about when this happiness would end.”

The talented singer confessed that it was his own feelings from past relationships that he utilized to write his first new song in almost four years. Jo Kwon relayed, “Since I’m a singer, I think that I was really able to unravel my own complex feelings and beloved memories and wrote them out [for submission].”

Jo Kwon’s new album is slated for a February 15th release!

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