Jo Se Ho and Cao Lu Try Raising Children on ‘We Got Married’

Ben Cho, Aug. 15, 2016, 9:13 a.m.

Jo Se Ho and FIESTAR’s Cao Lu both tried their hand at parenting for the August 13th broadcast of ‘We Got Married’! Beginning from last week, the two celebrities continued with caring for Jo Se Ho’s niece and nephew, who they brought home with them. Cao Lu commented, ‘Oppa is holding my hand a lot and putting his arm around my shoulders today. He's been giving me a lot of skinship. I'm really happy." Jo Se Ho explained during his solo interview, "Last week during dance practice, Cao Lu was sad about the skinship issue. That's why I tried to express myself. I looked up 10 skinship that women love.’


The couple shared a meal with the two kids, who started to refer to Cao Lu as ‘auntie’. It looks like Jo Se Ho really loves just how caring Cao Lu is to his children, and he showed his gratitude and affection by pinching her cheeks and telling her, ‘You’re just cute.’ Do you think Jo Se Ho and Cao Lu would make a great set of parents?

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