Jo Sung Gyu Negatively Comments on the Lack of Attendance to Jo Min Ki’s wake

Samantha Diaz, March 12, 2018, 9:30 a.m.

Jo Min Ki passed away recently and a wake was held for him over the weekend; however, not many fellow actors and actresses attended. This caught the attention of actor Jo Sung Gyu who comments on the lack of attendees in spite of the sexual allegations on the former actor.

Jo Sung Gyu went to Twitter to express his disapproval saying that we saw hardly any coworkers or friends because of the recent situations. Of all Jo Min Ki’s career, he made many contacts with many talented actors and actresses yet they were too scared to show up to say their final goodbyes. Jo Sung Gyu claims that the industry they are in are all fake people.

When he tweeted the post, an explosion of defense erupted. Many followers say that Jo Min Ki had to have expected the lack of mourners at his wake and if Jo Sung Gyu would still protect the actor if he had made a pass at his own daughter or sister. Many others called Jo Sung Gyu for commenting on people’s business and that he should look in their shoes before putting others on the spot.

Was Jo Sung Gyu right or do you think what he said had crossed a line?

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