Jonathan Gold Praises Roy Choi’s LocoL ‘Restaurant of the Year’

Mia Lee, April 28, 2017, 11:08 a.m.

LA Times critic and award winning, Jonathan Gold, named LocoL the best restaurant of the year. After Pete Wells’ New York Times review of Roy Choi’s fast food restaurant that outraged the internet, Gold praised LocoL for its socially conscious efforts.

Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson opened up the first LocoL fast food restaurant in Watts, New York in January 2016. The two chefs aimed to bring healthy and sustainable food to a community without prior access to such foods.

LocoL has faced challenges from the get go. Patterson revealed that Watts was losing money and that Pete Well’s zero-star review of the restaurant was a blow to the LocoL team. Choi pointed out that Wells was well aware his review would hurt the community that already bore a lot of pain and struggle.

In what seems as an intentional counterpoint to Pete Wells’ review, LA Times critic Jonathan Gold celebrated Choi and Patterson’s purpose-driven restaurant. He says, “LocoL has a sense of purpose, a place within its community, and the ability to drive the conversation forward, not just in Los Angeles but around the world.”

On Instagram, the LocoL team wrote back.

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