Jonghyun Discusses His Album and Personality in Interview with "Elle"

Inquisitive Bro-migo, Jan. 20, 2015, 5:02 p.m.

Jonghyun recently participated in a photoshoot and interview with "Elle" magazine, and looked very glamorous!

After his solo debut, Jonghyun has been keeping busy by showing his fans some new photos showcasing his different sides. In the photoshoot with "Elle", he definitely uses the gold from his red jacket dotted with gold stars to compliment his loose-fitting white blouse that have splashes of gold on the sleeves. Jonghyun gleams in the light, and shows his confidence and style in every single image.

Jonghyun sat with "Elle" for an interview as well. In the interview, he was asked about his album to which he replied, "Anyone who does music would be concerned with their own album, but I particularly paid sharp attention to mine. I asked a lot of people and listened to their stories; I tried to find a middle ground. I think I've grown as a musician and as a member of society.

Jonghyun then continued on to say, "If you look at me, you'll see that I'm someone who is sincere about my feelings. I'm also someone who feels sudden changes of various emotions too. For the most part I express my sincere feelings.

Jonghyun's photoshoot and interview will both be available in full in the February issue of "Elle" magazine. You heard it here at!

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