Judges approve arrest warrant for Jonghun

Jun Ko, May 9, 2019, 10:07 a.m.

On May 9th, around 10:30 AM KST, Jonghun attended his arrest warrant evaluation at the Seoul Central District Court office. He remained silent on his way into the building, giving no answers to the press' questions about his criminal charges. He was reported to have finished his arrest warrant evaluation and was seen leaving the building at around 12:50 PM KST; he was additionally seen with temporary rope cuffs around his wrists as he was leaving. He gave a brief apology to the press before leaving the area. 

The arrest warrant is based off his charges of sexual assault back in 2016. The approval of Jonghun's arrest warrant is currently being discussed by the court, with the decision reported to be announced later on May 9th. Chatroom members Kwon and Heo were also reported to be waiting on the results of their arrest warrant. 

During the night of May 9th KST, it was announced that Judge Song Kyung Ho and Myung Jae Kwon approved the arrest warrants for Jonghun and chatroom member Kwon (who is also a sibling of a female K-Pop artist) on the basis that there was a chance of evidence being destroyed if the warrant was delayed. 

However, the arrest warrant for chatroom member Heo (an entertainment agency employee) was not approved as the judges stated that, "It's difficult to accept the need and the reasonability of his arrest solely based on his social ties." 

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