Jung Da Bin Shows Her Glittery Persona with “CeCi” Photoshoot

Nicholas Kim, June 29, 2016, 10:02 a.m.

Jung Da Bin was recently featured in a photoshoot with “CeCi” magazine, where she showed off her beautiful glittery look! The photos from the shoot were released on June 28th, and it shows the child actress attempting her own style of strong and beautiful with her stylish new looks and tastes in accessories.


For the interview portion she stated, "I was scared to show a gap in my acting.  An actress who used to be a child actress always gets observed more.  The drama director pointed out that it was important to bring forth the sound locked within myself, so I practiced abdominal breathing and vocalization.  I heard that when an actor cries, s/he still needs to look pretty; when s/he looks ugly, [the viewer] changes the channel, so I even repeatedly practiced my crying scenes."

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