Jung Hyung Don Now Hospitalized for Anxiety Disorder After Hiatus

Paul Lee, Nov. 19, 2015, 10:43 a.m.

Jung Hyung Don ended up being admitted to the hospital due to his anxiety disorder after having taken a hiatus from his broadcast activities. FNC Entertainment made the announcement on November 19th saying, "The 12th was when Jung Hyung Don took a hiatus from broadcasts, and he was hospitalized the next day. He's still currently in the hospital, and he'll be there for a few more days."


Earlier in the day, a media outlet stated that the comedian and cast member of the popular variety show “Infinity Challenge” was hospitalized, and his agency has now stepped forward in order to give confirmation of the news. The representative from FNC commented, "He says that he only told his manager because of the pressure. It's a bit disappointing that he's receiving so much interest."

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