Jung Il Woo Becomes a Creative Director for “we2” and “BEAKER”

Paul Lee, Sept. 28, 2015, 11:42 a.m.

Actor Jung Il Woo has just added yet another title to his name! Recent reports stated that Jung Il Woo was working as a fashion designer and creative director for a recent collaboration with “BEAKER” as well as his own fashion brand ‘we2”! The actor launched his own clothing brand “we2” on the online shopping mall “BEAKER” which is a store owned by his best friend of 20 years.


“we2” is a brand that features Jung Il Woo’s simple and witty fashion sense that targets buyers in their 20’s. A representative of Jung Il Woo commented, "Jung Il Woo is vastly interested in fashion so he was happy to have participated in this project. Please support his brand." In the meantime, check out Jung Il Woo’s collaborative designs on the official page of “BEAKER”!

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