Jung Joon Young Discusses His Public Image with “K WAVE” Photoshoot

Nicholas Kim, March 3, 2016, 4:46 p.m.

There are many that seem to think Jung Joon Young is a very cold person, but the rock singer definitely isn’t going to let this one slide it seems, as he has stepped forward to address these accusations! In his interview, the singer asked, "Your bad boy image. Are you focusing on having a cold image on the outside but a warm heart on the inside?" 


Jung Joon Young replied with, "I focus on love. I just happen to have a blank expression often." It seems that he is simply just a misunderstood artist, and although his thoughts are caring, his outer shell remains apathetic. For more details and the full interview, be sure to grab a copy of the March issue of “K WAVE”!


Jung Joon-young (born February 21, 1989) is a South Korean rock singer, songwriter, radio DJ, MC, actor, and entertainer. He was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Then he moved to China, Japan, France and Philippines. Jung Joon-young has lived in many different countries because his father is an international business man. He is well known for finishing in the Top 3 of Mnet’s reality television talent show, Superstar K4, the youngest member of KBS's variety show "2 Days & 1 Night Season 3", and leader of JJY Band.

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