Jung Joon Young's house searched by police + Jonghyun to be investigated

Jun Ko, March 15, 2019, 11:17 a.m.

On March 15th, it was reported that the Special Detective Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency had searched Jung Joon Young's house. The division had received search and seizure warrants for Jung Joon Young and 'Burning Sun' employee Kim's residences with Jung Joon Young having released illegally obtained sex tapes through hidden cameras and Kim having been accused of being the individual of setting up the hidden cameras. 

Additionally, Jonghyun is also to undergo investigation as a suspect of sharing the illegally obtained footage; he will also be investigated on the DUI coverup back in 2016. The lieutenant connected to the coverup has undergone interrogation. While the results have yet to be revealed, it was reported that the lieutenant will be working at another station until the case is cleared. 

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