Jung Ryeo Won Poses for High Cut Magazine

Hyo Kyung Kim, Aug. 17, 2016, 9:40 a.m.

Korean Australian actress Jung Ryeo Won is featured in the fashion publication High Cut Magazine.  The starlet shows off her beauty throughout the photo shoot.  For her interview portion, the starlet shared I think I match well with autumn. I'm someone who comes alive starting in autumn. The color I like is also [an autumn color], red. Even when I don't wear a lot of makeup, I always wear red lipstick. There are people who think it's a hard color to pull off because it's strong, but if you wear it according to the situation, it's actually easy to pull off."


Regarding her comeback plans after 'Bubble Gum,' she said, "I think I can do one production around winter time. I also plan to enter an [art] exhibition this year." Regarding her skincare, Jung Ryeo Won said, "I feel that my skin is gradually losing moisture, so the day before I have an important schedule, I layer on about two moisturizing packs and sleep. My mother passed on her good complexion, so I had not worried about it all this time, but now that I'm over 35, I see [all the flaws]."

Jung Reyo Won is a Korean-Australian actress. She began her entertainment career as a singer in the now-defunct girl group Chakra, and first rose to fame in the hit television series My Name Is Kim Sam-soon. She is also known for her roles in Two Faces of My GirlfriendCastaway on the Moon, and History of a Salaryman.

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