Jung Woo Sung Hit with Investment Scam Fraud by Friend

Ben Cho, March 17, 2016, 9:37 a.m.

Actor Jung Woo Sung was recently a victim of an investment scam created by a writer, who has been accused of defrauding approximately 2.3 billion Won ($1.96 million USD) in total, from her list of acquaintances which included the famous actor. Red Brick House Entertainment released more details about the scam and its origin in a statement.


The statement read, "Jung Woo Sung suffered financial and mental harm after investing money to Park (46) who is a drama story writer. However, he did not file any lawsuits because he didn't want it to gain public attention." 


The investment scam is now gaining media attention after other victims of this Mrs. Park have stepped forward in order to file lawsuits against her. She is a screenwriter who had written a popular drama back in the 1990’s era, and she is now the head of a publication company as well as the owner of a fashion brand. She and Jung Woo Sung got very close in 2008, and he has been said to have invested an undisclosed amount to the writer for a private equity fund in 2009.


The fund never came back however, and Red Brick House has stated that Jung Woo Sung went into huge shock after his close “friend” had scammed him. Mrs. Park also is stated to have utilized the actor’s reputation and fame in order to convince more victims to invest in her scam.

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