J.Y. Park Shares Why He Doesn’t Compose Music for TWICE and GOT7

Nicholas Kim, May 7, 2016, 11:19 a.m.

J.Y. Park talked about the large age gap between himself and some of the youngest groups in JYP Entertainment, and seemed to be unhappy about it. In the recent broadcast of “Unnies’ Slam Dunk”, J.Y. Park paid a visit to the unnies in order to help Min Hyo Rin attain her dreams of being a member of a girl group. While discussing music however, J.Y. Park stated the reason why he refuses to compose for GOT7 and TWICE!


J.Y. Park stated, "I don't make songs for GOT7 and TWICE. I wrote songs for g.o.d because I know them well, but with the other friends [GOT7 and TWICE], we are not in relationships where we can talk about life." He then added, To be honest, I miss the g.o.d days. The first song I wrote was g.o.d's "Dear Mother". When I heard Park Joon Hyung's story it broke my heart. If I get to create another girl group then I will want to find out more about what's on their mind." 

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