J.Y. Park Speaks Out Regarding Religion and Wife's Familial Ties to Sewol Ferry Owner

Maximiliano VCHK, April 29, 2014, 11:16 a.m.

It was just recently found out that J.Y. Park's very own wife is actually the niece of Yoo Byung Un, who is the owner of the Sewol Ferry that recently sank. Due to the tragedy, many different issues are coming to the surface, such as Yoo Byung Un being investigated for tax evasion.  He also previously created his own religion called the "Saviorists", which some claim is a cult. J.Y. Park spoke out regarding the allegations about the cult, as well as denying the recent claims that JYP Entertainment was funneling illegal funds from Yoo Byung Un.

The last time J.Y. Park made his guest appearance on the show "Healing Camp", he stated "Currently, my ultimate goal in life is to find out who created humans and the world."  He revealed he was studying both the evolution theory and Intelligent Design, saying, "I used to sleep fitfully, but after learning of the existence of the one who created the world, I was able to sleep peacefully," which many found interesting due to his ties with the creator of the Saviorists.

J.Y. Park took the statements to the social media world, by tweeting on April 28th, saying "The fact that my wife is related to the owner of the problematic company is irrelevant, so is this a country that could just say whatever it wants?  In relation to my faith, you would know if you had listened to all the interviews I'd done and the music I'd released.  For the past couple of years, I studied a lot of religions but I still have no religion.  I hope that no more baseless words will be spoken of."

A representative from JYP Entertainment stated, "It's true that J.Y. Park's wife is the niece of the previous CEO, Yoo Byung Un, but J.Y. Park has no religion.  In relation to the baseless words about the head office [JYP Entertainment] receiving an inflow of illegal funds in the company, we will definitely show that not even 10 won (~ 0.01 USD) of illegal funds flowed in."

The representative also stated that they were not under investigation at all due to the fact that their funds were transparent for all scrutinizing eyes to see, and that they were planning on taking legal action against those who had circulated or created the rumors.

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