JYP Entertainment Receiving Criticism Over Survival Show SIXTEEN

D-Bo, May 6, 2015, 5:05 p.m.

JYP Entertainment’s newest survival audition music program SIXTTEEN is garnering criticism for how calloused the show can be.  On May 5, the first episode of Mnet’s “SIXTEEN” aired in order to decide the members for JYP’s new girl group, “Twice.” On the episode, seven trainees who are part of the “major group” and nine more who are part of the “minor group” were revealed for the first time.

Unlike in YG Entertainment‘s “WIN” and “MIX&MATCH” and Starship Entertainment‘s “NO MERCY” where missions divided the top and bottom groups fairly, “SIXTEEN” starts off differently.

Even before the program starts, the trainers and the A&R team have already divided the girls into a top and bottom group. The top “major group” receives pre-celebrity treatment while the bottom “minor group” receive different treatment in everything from transportation methods, housing environment, and practice room usage times. In particular, the minor members are put at an even further disadvantage as they are only allowed to use the practice room after 9 p.m. to 9 a.m., after the major group has finished practicing.

The fact that some contestants trained for longer doesn’t give them an advantage. Ji Hyo, who trained for 10 years is confident as she starts, saying, “Since I was a trainee for so long, I will be better than the other girls,” however, Park Jin Young puts her in the minor group, reducing her to tears. Jung Yeon, who has been preparing for a debut along with Ji Hyo, was also put in the minor group. Meanwhile, Mina, who has only been training for one year, was put in the major group, frustrating the older trainees.

Major members try to keep their spot until the end and the minor members try to get up into the major group. A member of the minor group will be eliminated each time. The first girl will be eliminated next week.

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