JYP Entertainment Release Warning Statement Against Malicious Comments About Stray Kids

Jay Yim, Jan. 9, 2020, 10:11 a.m.

On January 9, JYP Entertainment took to the Stray Kids official fan page to release a statement of warning against the recent rumors spread regarding their rookie boy group.

This is what the company wrote:

"Currently, there are severe rumors involving our artist being spread via SNS platforms and various online communities. We notify that these rumors are strictly false.
We have come to the decision that these ongoing rumors are severely damaging our artists' name and character, and so we will be taking all manners of legal action against the primary culprit responsible for spreading these rumors without settlement. 
We have currently wrapped up gathering the evidence necessary to respond to the ongoing spread of these rumors and are in the process of determining an appropriate action. We are still monitoring communities in real time, and ask fans for their continued reports regarding any additional evidence.
We will do our best so that no harm comes to not only our artist Stray Kids, but also the fans who love Stray Kids, through all manners of protection."

Meanwhile, some netizens have been maliciously targeting Stray Kids members saying that they were responsible for derogatory comments about their female classmates in middle school.

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