LA Koreatown to get a Boutique Hotel

D-Bo, Oct. 22, 2013, 2:37 p.m.

Hotel entrepreneur Andrew Zobler and designer Sean Knibb will be introducing this November a Korean and Korean-American inspired hotel to the LA’s Korean American epicenter on Wilshire Blvd near Vermont Ave.  The Line, a high-end, 388-room hotel, will be designed around the theme of Korean American culture. The hotel will be located in the bustling Koreatown district of LA which, despite being mired in gang violence for decades and being off the tourist map, became the center of Korean American life in LA.

After beginning to immerse himself in Korean culture, Zobler said he thought, “There is so much good stuff coming out of Korea today, and nobody has really captured that in a hotel.” With the help of Knibb and the celebrated Korean American chef Roy Choi among others, the hotel is set to be an all-hours social hub according to Zobler, featuring two restaurants run by Choi, a newsstand that never closes, a nightclub named Speek, and a late-nigh bakery. 

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