Studio APA Releases Teaser for CHOPS' 'Turn It Up' feat. Tiger JK

Maximiliano VCHK, Nov. 5, 2013, 10:42 a.m.

1999 was a simpler time, before social media became a prominent part of everyday life.  People would communicate with each other over instant messaging and community forums, and MTV even played music videos on their one and only channel.

CHOPS first made his debut onto the airwaves in 1999 with an Asian American group called the "Mountain Brothers".  This was big news, since they were the very first Asians to ever be signed to a major record label and also to be performing on national television.  CHOPS, Peril-L, and Styles were amazingly talented artists, and after they made their appearance on television, they made waves throughout the internet with fans and new listeners alike buzzing.  Their career together as the Mountain Brothers did not last long however, as they decided to split and go about their own ways.  Scott 'CHOPS' Jung, however, stayed in the music industry and today is an amazingly talented producer with a long list of work and high profile clientele.

Many years have passed since the Mountain Brothers first debuted, but it is still extremely rare to see an Asian performing on mainstream media.  CHOPS saw this as not something that he should just accept and live with, but as an opportunity to give the masses a brand new sound and style.  He wanted to achieve this by bringing together the very best Asian performers from all over the world, and putting together a single album with every artist dropping a small piece of their music and style.  The project is on Kickstarter, and is called "Strength in Numbers".

In order to help raise awareness for the project, he has teamed up with Korean hip hop star Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae for the new track "Turn It Up".  Studio APA has released the music video teaser for the song on YouTube, and the video can be seen with amazing production quality and bright animations.  CHOPS again shows his limitless talent, and the short but good teaser will leave fans eager for more.

While you wait for the full music video to be released, be sure to also check out the video for "Keep On" by the Mountain Brothers and Ann One below!

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