K-pop artists claim top spots on Billboard's "World Albums" chart; BTS stays on "Billboard Hot 100" for 7th week

Jessica Lee, Jan. 18, 2018, 10:14 a.m.

Billboard has unveiled their "World Albums" chart for the week of January 20 and several K-pop artists are in the top spots on the chart. First up is BTS' "Love Yourself: Her" album which is still on the chart. In second place is JYP's newest group Stray Kids' "Mixtape", which isn't exactly a debut album but rather it contains songs they performed on the survival show.

Third place is BTS' "You Never Walk Alone" and fourth place is INFINITE's "Top Seed." 

BTS' "Wings" is in sixth place and EXO's winter album "Universe" is in eighth place. 

Seventeen's "Teen,age" is in 11th place while Oh My Girl's "Secret Garden" is in 12th place.

Finally, MONSTA X's "The Code" is in 15th place. 

On Billboard's "Hot 100" chart, BTS' "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)" is still in the chart at #74. They've been on the chart for 7 weeks in a row and they are the longest K-pop group ever to stay on the chart. 

Their album "Love Yourself: Her" is ranked on the "Billboard 200" at #75, for the 14th week in a row. 

Congrats to all the K-pop artists!

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