[K-POP] Boy group 'M.PIRE' making a comeback with new single 'ON MY MIND'

Xxcutiex1004xX, Oct. 28, 2013, 12:44 p.m.

Boy Group 'M.PIRE' is coming back with their brand new single 'ON MY MIND'. M.PIRE made their debut back in August with 'CAN'T BE FRIENDS WITH YOU' and now ready to take over the k-pop scene with their second single 'ON MY MIND'. 'ON MY MIND' is originally writtten by jae joong from JYJ. and M.PIRE also have a new member 'LUMIN' who is a son of Korean Trot god father 'Sul Woon Do'. M.PIRE will be releasing their single on 30th October and will be having a comeback stage at Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN' on 31st.

Meanwhile, checkout the audio teaser they have released below.

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