[K POP] Dal Shabet celebrated their 1000th day!

D-Bo, Oct. 1, 2013, 10:52 a.m.

Girl Group Dal Shabet has officially hit their 1000th day since their debut! 

Leader Serri shared, "I feel like crying. Because of our fans, we were able to actively promote throughout the past 1000 days. We ask for your love and support, so that Dal Shabet can continue to work hard in the future. I love you."

Subin wrote in her handwritten letter, "Words can't describe how we're feeling. There were a lot of happenings during this so called short time. We were able to get through it all thanks to our Darlings, and we were happy throughout. Of course, we will continue to be happy, and our wish and dream is for everyone to gain happiness through Dal Shabet."

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