K Pop Festival in Incheon 2014

luvsmiling, July 16, 2014, 6:37 p.m.

The Visit Korea Committee is launching “K-Pop Festival in Incheon 2014” for the purpose of expanding the base of Korean culture and raising awareness of Korea as a desirable tourist destination. 

The committee held the K-Pop Festival successfully for three consecutive years until 2013 in collaboration with the local governments. This 2014, it joins forces with Incheon Metropolitan City, which is hosting the 2014 Asian Games in September, as well as the Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee to publicize the diverse attractions of the great city to the entire world and enrich further the biggest sports event in Asia. Unlike the last three K-Pop festivals, the 2014 K-Pop festival concentrates on performances by Asian performers in line with the characteristics of the timing and venue of the festival. 

Those who would like to participate in the festival as performers, be they locals or foreigners, are requested to post a Cover Dance video on the festival website (http://www.kpopfestival.org) starting July 14, 2014. Excellent performance teams will be selected by the end of August 2014 based on the netizens’ response represented by the number of “video views” and “video recommendations” on the one hand and evaluations of video performances by a group of experts on the other.

Teams selected as excellent performance teams will be given a chance to visit Incheon and major tourist attractions of Korea and experience various aspects of Korean culture for six days. They will also get to perform with Korea’s very best K-Wave professional performers through the "Incheon Korean Music Wave" slated for 17 September 2014 (the eve of the Asian Games) at a grand stage set up in Songdo International Business District, Incheon. 

“The 2014 K-Pop Festival is designed to celebrate the city’s biggest sports event for all the people in Asia. Therefore, we expect to receive more applications for participation in the festival from Asia, where the current global K-Wave started to grow in the first place. We will do our very best to help the city of Incheon emerge as the country’s iconic Korean Wave city for the entire world through successful preparations for the K-Pop Festival,” said Katie Han, secretary general of the Visit Korean Committee.

Lim, Hyojin (02-6272-7316), PR and Marketing Team, Visit Korea Committee

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