[K-POP] Girl's Day's Hyeri and Yura celebrate their third anniversary

LrgnNChrg, Nov. 6, 2013, 12:50 p.m.

Girl's Day members Yura and Hyeri celebrated their third anniversary recently. The official group's anniversary was back in July, but the two joined the group after their debut to replace the original members who left, making this month the official three year mark for them. 

On November 5, Yura twitted, "Today, they say it's Hyeri and Yura's third anniversary. Oh my<3 Thank you for the congratulations~ Let's live together for a million years! You don't want to, right? Okay." She also attached a celebratory shot of herself with Hyeri.

In the picture, the two members look cute as a button as they lean against each other, showing off their close friendship.

Yura later added, "Hyeri is a dummy," along with an adorable selca.

Congratulations to Hyeri and Yura on their third anniversary!

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