[K-POP] G.NA releases Korean & English versions of 'MORNING' for the project album 'HITMAN PROJECT: A Tribute to the Hitman DAVID FOSTER'

xXCutiex1004Xx, Dec. 9, 2013, 11:47 a.m.

As we all know, G.NA has been working on a project album called 'HITMAN PROJECT; A Tribute to the Hitman David Foster' and teasing fans out their with 'MORNIN'.

And now she finally released the 'MORNIN' with the MV, not only that, she also releases the English version of the track as well. 'Mornin' i produced by Kim Do Han and Mee Sang Ho. This special project album also include 'My grown up Crhtistmas list' by Ailee, Lee Sora and Young ji's deut track 'Hard to say i'm sorry', 'I'm Alive' by Bobby Kim and Kim Tae Woo's 'Goodbye'. Below are the both Korean and English versions of 'Mornin', so please feel free to watch either one, or eben both.

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