[K POP] Jang Yoon Jung has more drama with her Estranged Mother

D-Bo, Dec. 9, 2013, 11:33 a.m.

Earlier this year, the entertainment world was caught off guard, as Jang Yoon Jung’s family drama was aired publicly.  The family drama began, when Jang brought accusations up about her mother embezzling and frivolously wasting Jang’s money.  It was reported that Jang’s mother and brother embezzled and squandered away almost $1 million dollars.    This is the apparent reason her parents separated and cause a rift between her mother and brother. 

Jang is trot singer who debuted in 1999.  She exploded into fame at the beginning of 2005 with her single "Eomeona!" ("어머나!", an exclamation close in meaning to "Oh my goodness!"). Although in her 20s, she has decided to stick with a genre mainly appealing to older Koreans and has parlayed that into continued success, with five full albums (the latest one in June 2010) and two "half" albums. Because of her age and her popularity, she has been able to play in both the younger K-Pop shows and the older trot shows. She is currently one of the MCs on SBS's Challenge 1000 Song.

In April 2005, Jang debuted in Japan with the release of "Oh, My Goodness."  She dated comedy show host and entertainer No Hongchul from 2009 to 2010. On April 5, she became new MC of KBS program Escaping Danger Number One. She got married to Do Gyeong-wan who is an announcer. Her interview was spilled before the broadcast of Healing Camp, Aren't You Happy.

The singer recently announced and celebrated her pregnancy.  In response, her mother has released a letter to her anti café.  In her letter, she curses her daughter as well as her son in law.  The translation of her letter reads as follows:

It's already been a year, but you haven't changed at all. You were on a show recently and talked about a soup that you used to eat when you were little. Are you a human? I made you that just a year ago. You used to eat what I cooked for you saying that only I could make something so delicious!

Who cooked it for you when you were little?

And you lied like that, and then hid at your in-laws' house. Even if you had ten mouths, you shouldn't act any way you want. You b*tch, I was thankful and happy just because you and your brother grew up so well even though we had nothing. Before I went to the police station as a victim, I went to your house. A young man looked at me and cursed at me. Don't worry... Ha! I'm so speechless. I'm not going to try to see you any longer, either. Let's go to the end, if you want.

I heard a hospital car was waiting, too? You deserve to die. Just wait, the law is still alive. They say that for a historical celebrity's marriage, there were only 50 bodyguards. I'm so speechless. Marriage? That's your sin. But how are you doing lately? There are many people who comfort me and tell me never to forgive my daughter, and those who cry with me. They ask how I raised someone like you. 

I'm going to your Bucheon concert. I'm going to see you perform. Try dragging me out. I heard you dragged Noori out at Chungju. How can something like this happen in the world?

I'm going to go to your dinner show. I'm going to go to the 1000 songs you record. I'm not going to rest until the world turns against you. Let's be together until your evil group kneels in front of me.

If you make me an insane woman and make me go to the hospital, what will you gain from it? You try living with a child. Just give birth to a daughter just like yourself and make sure you hear that you'll be put in a mental hospital and that there will be a Chinese person to kill you. You'll then know how I feel.

December 5th, 2013, from Yook Heung Bok who dropped you into the world.

Her mother also released a hateful letter toward her son in law to a different anti café.  That interpreted letter reads as follows:

I first heard about Do Kyung Wan on November 25th, 2012. After she went as a guest to the 'Morning Garden' that Do Kyung Wan MCs for, she told me, 'Mom, he likes me' and that's when I heard Do Kyung Wan's name. After about a month, I couldn't keep looking.

Why? During that time, Jang Yoon Jung was looking around places to live with her fiance and his parents. The baffling thing is that she stopped meeting him because I'm close with him? I couldn't believe it.

Today, I saw that she's 13 weeks pregnant. Why did Yoon Jung decide to hide behind her baby? I never talked about you, Do Kyung Wan. Why? Because I never met you, and I never took you for a son-in-law. Do you also think I'm mentally ill?

I won't say anymore. Do Kyung Wan, you have parents who raised you, too, right? Please ask the parents who raised you greatly to be an announcer. Should I go greet you, even though you're painting mother-in-law as a mentally ill person? What will you do if your baby grows to be like Yoon Jung?

On these letters, Jang Yoon Jung's label told MyDaily, "We have reported Jang Yoon Jung's mother to the police, and we are planning to take legal action. We read her letters, and we are shocked. Jang Yoon Jung is currently pregnant, so we're taking measures to keep her away from the media. The other side keeps saying lies, so the damage to her image is tremendous. We're going to uncover the truth."

Stay tuned as this real life soap opera continues under the public eye.  Koogle.tv will be covering and updating this story.
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