[K-POP] J.Y. Park and Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman, enjoy breakfast

Jimmy Pak, Oct. 31, 2013, 2:26 p.m.

J.Y. Park and Google’s executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt shared and enjoyed breakfast together at the international conference, BIG TENT SEOUL 2013.  J.Y. Park tweeted, "What a great breakfast... so much to learn", and shared the above photo.

The event invited the most important figures and experts to talk and discuss the popularity of the Korean Wave and Korean cultural content and the roles the internet can play on making the popularity a true success. 

At the event, J.Y. Park and Google Chairman were able to enjoy breakfast and small talk.  Netizens quickly commented, "I knew J.Y. Park is tall but I didn't realize he is this tall", "I'm jealous", and "I also want to visit the Google Complex and visit Eric Schmidt."

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