[K-POP] J.Y. Park announces wedding engagement on Twitter!

Jimmy Pak, Sept. 16, 2013, 1:03 p.m.

J.Y. Park seems to be busier than originally though with his recent album release and now a wedding announcement?!  That is correct, on September 16, the singer wrote a long Tweet for  fans announcing his engagement to a woman nine years his junior.

JYP’s tweet wrote:

"Hello.  I am writing this because I wanted to tell all of you first.

I was inspired by my friend to write my song 'You're the One.'  My friend is nine years younger and lives an ordinary life.  We had feelings for each other on first sight, but there were some complications because she wanted to continue living an ordinary life.

However, after a while, we finally became confident that we needed each other through our many conversations.  At long last, she accepted my proposal and we will be marrying on October 10.

I am a celebrity and will have to continue communicating with all of you, but I would like to help her continue to live the ordinary life she has now.  (Please help, too, reporters~ bow^^;;)

Therefore, please understand that we are thinking of having a quiet, private wedding with just our families. 

I'm really grateful for all of you for always giving me strength.  As we promised, let's grow old together."

JYP’s Tweet was accepted very well by fans and a lot of his fans are already giving their sincere congratulations.  The couple is very fortunate and lucky and wish to keep their private life protected.

Congratulations, J.Y. Park!

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