JYP describes Rain's first impression as a 'starving lion'

xXCutiex1004Xx, Dec. 23, 2013, 12:01 p.m.

JYP, a singasong writer, CEO, Entertainer, dancer, the allaround artist JYP shared a first impression of k-pop star RAIN at his end of the year solo concert 'Bad Party-halftime show'.

JYP started to talk about when him and Rain first met. He said "Rain looked like a lion, the king of the jungle, but who's about to starve to death". meaning even though JYP was able to see foresee all the talents and capabailities, but Rain just needed someone who can stark up the all the potentials in him. He also mention "Rain always maintained himself through out all the struggles and never lostt he lion eyes in him. Rain's pride and dreams are what got him upto where he's standing now. JYP has been throwing his solo 'BAD PARTY' since 2007 and plans to do it until he can.

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