JYP Entertainment plan to launch 6 member girl group & 2 male groups in 2014

Jimmy Pak, Dec. 19, 2013, 10:12 a.m.

JYP Entertainment is reported they will introduce new faces to the scene in 2014.  The addition is creating much excitement as the New Year approaches.  Music insiders have revealed that a six-member all-girl group follows the footsteps of the Wonder Girls & Miss A.  The new group is busy recording and practicing for their release debut in 2014. 


A music insider stated, "[JYPE] is currently preparing for a six-member girl dance group to debut next year... They are known for having both top visuals and talent." Another added, "[JYPE] plans to debut two male idol groups and one girl group... Compared to the groups that have debuted so far under JYP, these groups will make its way from a more organized training system."


It was also reported JYP Entertainment rep commented "It's true that we're preparing a girl group of 6 members of varying charms. However, we haven't decided on the exact time for their debut."  "We are planning to launch 2 male idol groups and 1 girl group early next year." When asked about the already mentioned male group, 5Live, the rep commented, "The time period for the already revealed 5Live is also not yet confirmed as of now."


With the three teams on track to debut in 2014, the excitement is building and the groups are working hard and practicing diligently.  Stay tuned for more news and updates from JYP Entertainment.
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