[K-POP] K-POP Girl Groups Come Together For "Angels' Letter" Photo Shoot Project

Maximiliano VCHK, Dec. 6, 2013, 10:55 a.m.

Girl Groups KARA, A Pink, SISTAR, 4minute, and TaeTiSeo all came together to help promote the "Angels' Letter" Project.

The girls showed off the motherly and caring sides of themselves, by partaking in a photoshoot for the "Angels' Letter" cause.  The project was started back in 2003 by photographer Jo Se Hyun, who started the campaign in order to help raise awareness for adoption by taking the infants' 100th day photos alongside celebrities.  This year marks the 11th annual "Angels' Letter" project, and the works that result from the photo shoot will be on display at Insa Art Center located in Gwanghundong for a duration of one week starting on December 18th.

The theme of this shoot was "innocence".  The images show off a black and white setting in order to capture the timelessness and nostalgic feel.  Jo Se Hyun stated, "I'd like to thank the idol stars and staff who took precious time from their schedules to partake in the filming and exhibit once again."

Be sure to check out the pictures of all of the different girl groups!

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