K-Pop Star Kim Ji-hoon’s Body Found in Hotel Bathroom

D-Bo, Dec. 13, 2013, 12:49 p.m.

Thursday was a tragic day for many. One who will not be forgotten is Kim Ji-hoon, who apparently committed suicide in a hotel room in Seoul.

Kim’s body was discovered after the K-pop singer missed a lunch appointment with a friend. The friend went to go check up on him, and discovered his body hanging from a noose in the hotel room’s shower.

Kim apparently conducted the act in the early afternoon, and left no trace of a suicide note. The star had been battling some psychological strain, as well as some financial burdens as well. The K-pop singer became famous in the mid-1990s, and continued on growing as part of the K-pop group Two Two. Not long after, the star was forgotten, and tried coming back in the year 2000 by forming Duke.

Kim was also arrested in both 2005 as well as 2009 for drug offenses, and had divorced his wife back in 2010. Investigators are still researching what might have caused the tragic incident. 

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