[K-POP] Kanto's debut features INFINITE's Sunggyu and Ladies' Code's RiSe

Jimmy Pak, Oct. 21, 2013, 5:44 p.m.

New music rapper Kanto is prepping to release his debut single ‘Just Say the World’ and  already is getting much support from idols.  Kanto just recently revealed his photo with Ladies’ Code’s RiSe.  The photo got attention from fans which brought up interest levels into the debut single.  It was also revealed that INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu is also featured in the MV. 

Kanto’s new mV featuring Sunggyu will release on the 25th.   Fans commented, "Our Sunggyu is featuring?!", "RiSe and Sunggyu, Kanto is amazing...", "Kanto and Sunggyu both look so cool!" and "I want to hear the song already; how can I wait until the 25th?"

Brand New Music said, "As many people know, Sunggyu is a perfect vocalist who has surpassed the concept of existing idols.  Thanks to Sunggyu's charms and his individualistic vocals, Kanto's debut single 'Just Say the Word' has become even more perfect and complete.  Through this song, you will be able to feel a different charm from Sunggyu's vocals in comparison to his time in INFINITE.  Please anticipate it."

They concluded, "Despite having a busy schedule due to the world tour, Sunggyu recorded his part and even took part in the MV filming for over eight hours as diligently as if it were for his own album.  I would like to thank Sunggyu once more for doing all he could for us."

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