[K-POP] SISTAR transform into Sailor Moon and share their Christmas plans

LrgnNChrg, Dec. 9, 2013, 11:44 a.m.

SISTAR made a sexy transformation into Sailor Moon for a holiday season photo shoot.

'Entertainment Relay' met up with SISTAR on the set of their advertisement where they were asked, "You've done many advertisements but is there still an commerical that you want to do?" Hyorin shared, "I want the four of us to do one without any makeup", to which the reporter joked, "you should be considerate of the viewers..." Hyorin shared her confidence in her group's  beauty, "all the members of SISTAR have great skin."

The reporter also asked the youngest memeber, Dasom about difficulties of filming her drama, 'Love Through Song', which has been surpassing the 30% viewer rating over the weekend, she answered, "I don't have time to sleep a lot. There are times when I sleep for two hours. Please save me." Hyorin, who knows what she's going through with her own solo debut, comforted her.

Dasom continued, "I am looking at the precious comments of the viewers well." When asked, "Are there negative comments?", Dasom replied without hesitation, "There are a lot. Hope the viewers get a little more generous since I'm trying really hard to meet their expectations."

Hyorin also shared her group's Christmas plans, "Since we have to show a fresh image on stage I'm sure we will have a packed schedule. It'd be a miracle to have Christmas off" to which Dasom added "Since our debut, we have not had our holidays off for three consecutive years." " Soyu then shared her gratitude, "But at least it's good that we get to spend the holidays together, all four of us." 

Can't wait to see what the hot Sistars have in store for the fans this holiday season!!

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