[K-POP] Super Junior's Heechul teases upcoming cameo on 'Heirs

LrgnNChrg, Oct. 15, 2013, 11:54 a.m.

Super Junior's Heechul has let the fans know that he'll be making a cameo on the SBS Wed-Thurs drama 'Heirs'.

He posted on his Instagram, "If Ryeowook has Hyungsik then Donghae has Minhyuk. With Chan Young from 'Heirs'. After making a deal with Kim Eun Sook, I have a cameo on 'Heirs'. I'll tell you what sort of deal I made with Kim Eun Sook on 'War of Words'. Please watch 'Heirs' a lot! It's really funny. Let's hit 90% in viewer ratings when I'm on it."

Heechul also posted a photo with CNBLUE's Minhyuk, who currently plays the role of 'Chan Young' on 'Heirs'. The producers of the show revealed that the Super Junior member will be making an appearance on 4 episodes, and that VIXX and 2EYES will also have cameos on the show.

Watch Heechul on 'Heir' on October 17 in the upcoming episode.

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