[K-POP] T-ara's Soyeon talks about her boyfriend Oh Jong Hyuk and his past military service

LrgnNChrg, Oct. 16, 2013, 11:49 a.m.

Girl group T-ara recently had a interview with the media at a cafe in the vicinity of Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. To no surprise, Soyeon was asked questions about her publicized relationship with Click B's Oh Jong Hyuk.

To the question about her boyfriend support about her career, Soyeon said, "Of course he is giving support. He believes that I will do well and gives me support to that end."

She was also asked what was the driving force that helped her to wait for her boyfriend for two years while he was serving the army. Soyeon replied, "In relation to starting a relationship, my boyfriend also had a very cautious attitude so the both of us worried a lot about it, but ultimately started to date after enough thinking and trusting. There was the problem of the military and the fact that I had activities as an idol.

In a strange way, I thought waiting was the easiest. Waiting was the easiest because the person going to the army was someone I liked. He must have endured a lot of hardships while there, but he still took good care of me when I was being noisy or was hurt by something. If anything, it felt like we could strengthen our trust in each other during those two years."

Oh Jong Hyuk's discharge from the military was also delayed by approximately a month due to special training in the cold, snowy weather for the marine corps. Soyeon said, "Truthfully, at that time, he did consult me about delaying his discharge for about a month, but I was worried as his girlfriend. However, I can never express it. This is because he has a very strong conviction so in regards to his making a decision, it was definitely not my place to give an opinion.I don't think I was concerned about the hurt from waiting longer, but worried because he would be going through dangerous training. I see it as something worth bragging about. Even in the beginning, he could have chosen to be an entertaining soldier or something else, but he wanted to be in the marine corps since he was young. Even in there, I insisted on the search party, but in the end, I watched him achieve what he wanted and at his side, found him very cool."

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