[K-POP] The Boss Makes a Comeback: Changing Agencies, Comeback Appearances, and Throwing a Victorious Concert

Maximiliano VCHK, Sept. 16, 2013, 3:21 p.m.

Korean pop group The Boss, which consists of five members (Mika, Karam, Hyunmin, Injun, and Jay), has finally made their first concert appearance after two years.

On September 14, 2013, The Boss stepped out to a very welcoming crowd at the Hallyu drama concert, "K-Drama Awards with Oh Joon Sung" in the Jamsil Stadium located in Seoul.

The Boss came and performed "Stand By Me" from the "Boys Over Flowers" original sound track, as well as "Angel" from the "Haru" OST alongside a sixty member orchestra.  Their amazing live performance received positive reactions from the crowd.  Once the concert was over, The Boss stayed a little while longer to have a suprise fan meeting and mingle with their Korean and Japanese fans.

Before the concert, The Boss changed their agency from Open World Entertainment and joined Poom Entertainment.

After joining Poom Entertainment, The Boss announced that they will be releasing their new album in early November of 2013.

The scandal regarding Open World Entertainment's CEO caused The Boss to indefinitely postpone their album release a month before the release date, which put a very large dent in their plans.

Poom Entertainment’s CEO Park Heng Ryul confidently spoke out, “We will offer our full support to spread out the talents and charms of The Boss through their promotions and various concerts,” and “Starting with activities in Korea, The Boss will also be promoting in Japan, China and the rest of the Asian market.”

The Boss also chimed in, “We will show you our hard-working efforts with a heart of starting brand new in this new place,” and “We still lack in many ways but we will make efforts to reach a higher dream.”

The Boss made their debut back in 2010, and were winners of the Rookie Award at the 20th Seoul Gayo Awards.  When all their activities in Korea stopped last year, they have been promoting themselves in Japan in the meantime.

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