[K-POP] TimeZ’s, Korean-Chinese group, five video teaser

Jimmy Pak, Nov. 18, 2013, 1:41 p.m.

CJ E&M and Super Jet Entertainment recently combined their efforts in order to produce a new idol group called TimeZ.  TimeZ is promoting heavily for fans in both Korean and China. TimeZ have released a solo clip to introduce each member to prep for their comeback set this month.  The intro-video’s background music is suspect to be the instrumental for their upcoming album title track. 

TimeZ is comprised of 4 Chinese and 2 Korean members.  Mao Ruo Yi, Liu Guan Xi, Kim Seong Hwan, Tian Yi Chen, Lee Hyeong Joo, and Kong Shu Hang. A few days ago teaser clips were released for Liu Guan Xi, Kim Seong Hwan, Tian Yi Chen, and Kong Shu Hang. Earlier today, Mao Ruo Yi's teaser was uploaded. Each clip is playfully set up with different themes from scientist to athlete.  Fans are highly anticipating what theme Lee Hyeong Joo will go with!

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